Wednesday , 21 February 2018

Ways To Hack A Facebook Password

These days every second person want to hack the facebook password of his friends,
girl friends, and other belongings, Remember its not a good thing to ruin others
privacy. This post is for knowledge purpose only, so do not use these tips for negative

Ways To Hack A Facebook Password

Following are the ways to hack a facebook password.


Key Loggers.

key loggers are the small computer programmes that are installed and used to record the keys information
e.g every key pressed on your computer. Different key loggers have different features and
provide various services as well as keystroke recording. Key loggers have also the ability
to record the screen short of activities that are performed on laptop screen. Parents can
use these type of key loggers to monitor their children activity. K-L has a hot key provided by
the manufacturer e.g ALT+ENT+S or any thing of that kind used to make k-L in visible mode.

By functionality two types of key loggers are


Visible Mode.

These key loggers are those which are available free on internet. These key loggers work in
visible mode it means that when the user will check its running programmes tray icon then he
will be able to see the key logger, some k-l appears on desktop screen after 2,3 hours these
are also visible mode K-L. Simply download and install K-L on the computer to attack.


Invisible Mode.

These are the K-L that work in invisible mood. You have to purchase these key loggers
from the manufacturers. User will not be able to find it in running programmes tray.
first install it and then with the help of Hot Key you will be able to find each and
every key stroke victim has pressed.


Through Browser.

You can hack any ones facebook password through web browser of his computer, But for
this purpose as its clear you must have reach to his/her laptop. follow the steps below
to hack from google chrome.

On top right corner click on customise.

hack facebook password

Then go to settings.

chrome settings

Then advance settings.

chrome settings

Manage saved passwords.

Here are the saved passwords. 🙂

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