Wednesday , 21 February 2018

Fancy Gold Rings 2014-2015


Classical Gold Ring

One stack crafted classical gold ring, At the top in fancy gold rings 2014-2015. Sides glitter of its provides
more profound shadowed look. Single stack featured.

Fancy Gold Rings 2014-2015


Pearl ring

A thick spiral that holds the beautiful glowing orange multi-diamond shaped pearl. An elegant curved design made
of 17ct gold. A brand new piece attracts every one.

fancy gold rings 2014-2015


Random Touch

Transformed into random shape, This heavy spiral of golden. sophisticated classical design. Made from new technology
of ring making.

Fancy Gold Rings 2014-2015


Creamy Pearl Ring

Creamy pearl of of round design encased in a stylish modern way into the glittering gold lines. Fancy combination
of circled pearl and rounded holders.

Fancy Gold Rings 2014-2015

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