Wednesday , 21 February 2018

Complete Internet Security Tips

We spend our most of the time using internet though we are in our office, at home or anywhere else. Smart
phones added a new trend of using internet. We can access internet everywhere now. As its use is increased
too much in the same way the problems regarding internet security are also increased and the intruders
spread very fast on the global network. Now internet security is the most important factor for mostly internet
users. Every one want to secure his/her network. By the following tips you can easily protect your internet

Complete Internet Security Tips

Complete Internet Security Tips

1. Antivirus

The first step of your internet security is the installation process of good virus on intruder defender
software. In common words we call it antivirus, All these software provide you the protection from spy-ware
and viruses. The most important thing is to keep them up to date.

Complete Internet Security Tips

2. Websites Of Trust

Try to visit the sites you fully trust, install wot tools for web surfing security. If you visit some
sites that you do not trust then do not click the links present there.

Complete Internet Security Tips

3. Secure Files

If you download any microsoft word document or any other data files from internet or direct links,
perform a defender full scan on these files before opening or using them. Because sometimes these files
contains throjan viruses in them which automatically run and can corrupt your important data files.

Complete Internet Security Tips

4. Browsing Software

Keep your browsing software up to date and try to use the most latest version for a bit safe and
secure browsing as your browsing software has the most important role in protecting you from internet

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5. Secure Passwords

Your passwords regarding important websites and bank accounts are your most important credentials.
Do not share any information, password tips or your passwords to anyone on any value. Some websites
take your data and use it for illegal purposes so try to prevent these sites.

Complete Internet Security Tips

6. Uniformm Address Locator Address

When you want to enter a website of your important credentials then write the website uniform resource
locater address in the upper bar for writing web addresses.

Complete Internet Security Tips

7. Diff Between HTTP & HTTPS

You must know the difference between a HTTP uniform resource locator address and HTTPS URL address
as HTTPS provides more reliable security than the HTTP addresses. So you should ensure the presence
of HTTPS address.

Complete Internet Security Tips

8. Pishing

.Avoid the illusion of Pishing as it is the way of hacking important passwords, it works in the way
that you received an email from a fake address which asked you to update your password by providing
you a fake dummy page of same website design. Reply to trusted emails only.


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