Wednesday , 21 February 2018

Best Healthiest Foods In The World


Red Tomatoes

The dark red colour is due to antioxidant which helps to decrease the cholesterol in blood. And minimize the
the danger of diseases that can effect our heart system. Large amount of nutrients are present in red tomatoes, Moreover they are enriched and contains a heavy amount of Vitamin k and A. Thirty five (35) to forty (40) calories
are present in a fresh tomato.

 Best Healthiest Foods In The World


Long Potatoes

Long sweet potatoes are very good for our health. As they have a unique sweet taste but also having large amount
of K (Potassium). It is helpful in preventing heart attack strokes by minimizing your blood pressure level. It
contains thick fibres of white colour and brownish skin, Both of these are helpful in filling of our body.
Contains one hundred and eighty calories (180) in a cooked cup.

 Best Healthiest Foods In The World



Milk that is fat free is very necessary for our health as contains large amount of calcium, in fact a unique
source of pure calcium in the world. Calcium makes our bones stronger and provide them extra health and growth.
It is extremely helpful in preventing heart diseases if used with zero fat level because it drastically lowers
the blood level. One glass of pure fat free milk contains 90 calories in itself.

 Best Healthiest Foods In The World


Yellow Pumpkin

Orange skin yellow pumpkin, A fresh vegetable vital in preventing heart diseases. Very much enriched in carotene
which lowers our blood pressure. As well as contains a large amount of Vitamin A. There are fibres of thick nature
that are present in it. Minimize the level of our blood pressure.Vital in best healthiest foods in the world.

 Best Healthiest Foods In The World



Bananas are very sweet in taste and have very much important role for the working of our digestive system.
Bananas are enriched in K (potassium) and contains large amount of fibres too. Try to cease and stop the
diseases related to heart.2 bananas contains approximately 180 calories of energy.

 Best Healthiest Foods In The World

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