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Amazing Football World Cup Moments

Amazing football world cup moments


Golden Banks Health

Health of Gordan Banks was effected due to food poisoning, The English teams goalkeeper. This happened
before the entry of England team in quarter final round in the year 1970.

Amazing Football World Cup Moments


Germany and Holland

Whenever in the history there is a match between the Germany and Holland, It always create the issues and
problems. As in Italia there was the ignition of a clash between Voller and Rijkaard and management out
them both.

Amazing Football World Cup Moments


Worst Defeat

The players of El Salvador’s Started their journey of football world cup in 1982 as the Legends but the
worst defeat of a huge goal difference of 10-1 from Hungary made them zeros and they were badly humiliated
and shunned in Spain on their return.

Amazing Football World Cup Moments


Great Upset

One of the great upset in the history of football world cup, When the Hungary team continued its victories
and remain unbeatable for the period of 4 years, But in the final match of the football world cup 1954 a
miracle happened and west Germany beaten the Hungary team and shocked every one.

Great Upset


Golden Goal

Dutch teams forward players struggled a lot and made the history in July 1998. After too much hard work
they scored a most important goal, And this golden goal sent the team of Holland direct into semifinals.

Amazing Football World Cup Moments

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